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    Leading the Way

    Improving productivity is one of the most important issues for SMEs in Ireland. Management development, and the adoption of world class management practices, is one of the key levers for achieving that.....

    20th October 2020
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    Building Future Skills

    The report identifies the skills required by the Built Environment sector over the next decade to deliver on ambitions around housing, infrastructural development and climate change mitigation, as set out in strategies such as Project Ireland 2040 and the Climate Actio....

    29th September 2020
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    2019 EGFSN Annual Activity Statement

    The annual activity statement for 2019 outlines the research and analysis activity of the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs in 2019 and sets out its work programme for 2020.....

    14th July 2020
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    Together for Design

    The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs has published its new report, Together for Design: Digital, Product and Strategic Design Skills of the Future. This study examines the future demand for design skills over the years 2020 to 2025. Design is an important driver of....

    4th June 2020
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    Construction Skills Assessment of 2008- 2018 Strategies

    This is the first Strand of an upcoming study on Construction Skills. This report is a policy assessment, examining a range of strategies and associated skills recommendations published over the previous decade. ....

    2nd December 2019