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Our Work

  • Advise Government on projected skills requirements at national and sectoral levels and make recommendations on how best to address identified needs;
  • Advise Government on associated priority training requirements and the most cost effective ways of responding to them;
  • Advise on any skills requirements that cannot be met internally at a given time and so must be met through inward migration;
  • Advise on developments in content and delivery systems that support excellence in training quality elsewhere and on adaptations necessary to incorporate such developments into training provision here;
  • By reference to research findings, and in the interests of enhancing the relevance of publicly-funded training programmes, including their effectiveness in promoting the vocational advancement of trainees, and with a view to identifying and eliminating any duplication of resources - so ensuring greater efficiencies and value for public expenditure incurred - make recommendations on how existing systems and delivery mechanisms might be adapted to better effect;
  • Taking account of national and international commitments to promote learning and to progressively achieve higher qualifications throughout life, the EGFSN will be aware of training programmes that are supported through the National Training Fund.¬† It may convey views or recommendations in this regard to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and¬†Innovation and it should respond to any request for advice in this context that is received from him;
  • Ensure that recommendations made are adequately assessed by the relevant and responsible authorities and periodically inform members of the EGFSN of progress made in the implementation of such recommendations.